Paul presented to the CMA Innovation Day on How to bring the future into your innovation

The key points were:

  • You need to hold multiple pictures in your head and navigate your way to the future.
  • You need a model to do that – we use a combination of Wardley Mapping and Scenario Planning.
  • You can do this work by top down thinking from the executive and the board or from the edges of the organisation as Haier does.
  • This is not an either/or decision as you can do both in combination depending on the context.
  • Individualisation of plants and animals in agriculture will lead to different business models.
  • We are standing on the cusp of a wave of individualisation in human health and medicine that will change the landscape.

You can access the presentation at : CMA INNOVATION DAY PRESENTATION

As always our presentations are designed to provide the most value to face to face audiences. Please contact us if you wish to do a run through of the presentation on line.