Age of Possibilities – How changes in how long we live healthy lives will affect us all

Article published in The Age on April 5th 2010 quotes Paul on why longevity should be on the long-term scanning horizon of business and government..


Key Trends for 2013

An article by Paul Higgins published in the Melbourne 3000 Magazine


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A Multi-Pronged Approach to a Career in Regional Australia July 2016

A supporting paper for a presentation to the Marcus Oldham College Students July 2016


John O’Connell

“Paul brought a higher level of thought to participants, lifting thinking from the usual annual cycle to challenge us on how we were responding to opportunities that already existed. It brought context to what we see as the important things now. You could see people sit up as they thought about what we do and what we can do. He didn’t provide the answers, but empowered people to begin thinking of the questions our organisation needs to be asking ourselves “

James Mason

“test Paul Higgins recent presentation at Mindshop’s annual Australasian / New Zealand advisor conference entitled: ‘Bringing the future into your advisory practice’ was excellent on many fronts. Paul’s ability to simplify the complexity out of the topics he covered and his practical insights on future trends resonated very well with our attendees. Paul also managed to tailor the messages he delivered to our target audience and to the overall conference theme which ensured a strong start to our conference. Thank you again for a great presentation.”

Plenty to Think About in Biofuel Production – Newcastle Herald, Oct 2006

Author: Paul Higgins, Sandy Teagle
Date Uploaded: 02-Dec-15

This article by Paul and Sandy published in the Newcastle Herald 5 October 2006 looks at the risks to biodiesel businesses from changing oil and feedstock prices along with other factors.

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