Foresight Training

Do you want to equip your organisation with the skills to better anticipate what might happen and what you should do about it?

We believe that strategic foresight (the ability to think about the future and apply that thinking to strategy) is a critical competency for all organisations in a world that is changing faster and faster. However we have found that many people and organisations are daunted by the thought of instilling that competency into their day to day operations. Therefore we have created the SHUE model in order to break down instilling that capacity into four easily understood and manageable components that you can use as a training model for your organisation.

The SHUE model stands for:

  • Did you SEE it? –  Because if you are not looking in the right directions you will miss critical information.
  • Did you HEED it? – Because it is not good enough just to have seen something, you need to have really taken it in.
  • Did you UNDERSTAND it? – Because having lots of information is useless unless it means something to you and your organisation
  • Did you EXECUTE? – Because being great at information and gathering and understanding what might happen is worse than useless if you don’t do something about it.


It is not possible to put a cost on implementing the model in your organisation because what we actually do with you depends on a number of variables including your size, your current level of foresight capacity, whether you wish to instigate the training around a specific project, how much technology you wish to include in the process. We will assess your needs and supply you with a proposal and a quote within 48 hours of our discussions.