Searching for Information in our premium environmental scanning service


When you go to the database via the web link we send you there are three basic ways that you can look for information:


1.       You can scroll through the stories that present themselves which will be on a last posted basis.

2.       You can use the drop down tags menu to search via the tags that we have put on the posts as they have been inserted into the database.

3.       You can use the search box to search for words in posts.


For a more sophisticated search you can search within the titles of posts, you can search on a date basis or you can search within a group of posts that have been tagged. The examples below show the main methods that we use. For the more technologically focused of you there is a more detailed explanation on the Evernote site


Searches within the title of the note. Example: intitle:coffee searches for notes whose title contains "coffee".



Searches for notes created on or after the date provided. Note that the date provided must be formatted like this: YYYYMMDD or as a date relative to the current date (e.g., day-1 to represent yesterday, week-2 to represent two weeks ago, etc.)


created:day-2 will return notes that were created in the last two days.
 will return notes created on November 1, 2010.


Searching by multiple tags

You can search by multiple tags by putting tag: before the each individual tag with a space in between For example tag:health tag:innovation will return all the posts that have been tagged with both those words  or tag:disruption tag:technology will find all the posts that have been tagged with both – technologies that are disrupting industries, business models, etc


Search by tag and words

If you search using the tag prefix above and then add words it will search for those words in only the posts that are tagged that way. As an example tag: robots water farmer returns a single post at the moment. This is the only post that has been tagged robots that has those two words in it In this case it returns the same result if you only put in robots water Farmer into the search

But for example tag:genetics genome returns only two posts at this time but genetics genome returns 8 posts