Premium Environmental Scanning Service, Terms of Service

1. The majority of the items in the database have web links back to the original article, blog or report, or contain links within the item. Users click on these links at their own risk and Emergent Futures takes no responsibility of any problems or damages that result from the use of these links.

2. The database is stored in the public commercial service Evernote. There is a risk that such a service may close down, or no longer provide the required level of service that is required. Our policy is that if such an event occurs we will refund the cost of the service to subscribers on a pro rata basis. Therefore for example if a subscriber paid in June and we could no longer provide the service in November of the same year then we will refund 7/12th of the fee.

3. The items contained within the database are from publicly available sources. They are made available for the use of the subscriber. Emergent Futures takes no responsibility for the use to which the information contained within the data base are used or and strategies that are employed by an organisation as a consequence of accessing the database.

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