Premium Environmental Scanning Service with FREE First Month Trial


In a world full of change and disruption are you worried that you will miss a threat or an opportunity that will have a major impact on your organisation?

Well look no further!


Our premium environmental scanning service will give you access to our fully searchable database of all the future focused articles, blogs, and reports that we analyse and collect every week. These include trends, forecasts, scenarios, and changes that might disrupt your organisation’s future. It's like having a futurist in your pocket.

We find the database invaluable in our own work and believe you will as well. We constantly search the database for our strategic thinking, client projects, and conference presentations. We have tested the service with some of our Twitter and Blog followers and here is some of what they had to say:


“I think it is a fantastic product”
“I love the serendipity aspect of what you bring to reader's notice”
“You provide sources for synthesis. For making and inventing.”
“I was able to start browsing straight away. The presentation was clear and I could get into thinking about the scans immediately”

So that you can see the value of the service for yourself we are offering a FREE trial period of one month. We do not collect any credit card or payment details from you when you sign up, you only have to pay if you come back and want to continue the service.


But Wait There is More

We are not offering free steak knives but we will also provide the following to paid subscribers of the service:

  • Twice a month we will email you an analysis drawing on trends and ideas that are in the database and what their implications might be. This analysis will only be available to subscribers.
  • Once a month we will be offering six free 15 minute Skype consultations on a first come first served basis to subscribers using Open Hours ( ). You can make an appointment to ask us any question you like on issues you have found in the database or critical strategy issues for your organisation.

Investment Required

The cost of an annual subscription is $49.95 (plus GST for Australian customers). So for less than a dollar a week you get access to a service that will keep you better informed on the future risks and opportunities for your organisation and will increase your productivity. If you think this is too cheap to be true go HERE for our philosophy on pricing

Click HERE for your FREE trial

For more details on the service and why it will give you greater value than just using a search engine please go HERE

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As we develop the service we may add other value such as ad hoc facilitated meetings on strategy for subscribers in various cities and online. If you have any ideas about what you would like as added value please email us at