While we design a program that is specific to each client we also have a set of services that are designed to fit with problems you face or changes you want to achieve.


Keynotes and presentations

Do you need a speaker to give a different perspective and really challenge the audience so they can think differently about the future and what their strategy should be? Read more or Contact Us for a discussion of your needs.


Foresight primer

Have you heard about this foresight or futurist stuff and wonder if you need it or where it would fit into your organisation?

We provide a short workshop to introduce you to the principles of foresight and how you can use the tools and processes. Click Here for more information


New Service - Premium Environmental Scanning Tool with 1 Month Free Trial

In a world full of change and disruption are you worried that you will miss a threat or an opportunity that will have a major impact on your organisation?

Well look no further!


Our premium environmental scanning service will give you access to our fully searchable database of all the future focused articles, blogs, and reports that we analyse and collect every week. These include trends, forecasts, scenarios, and changes that might disrupt your organisation’s future. It's like having a futurist in your pocket!

 Click HERE for more details and how to access your free trial


Strategic Innovation & Perspective Shift Workshop

Do you want to test your strategy against a group of remarkable people?

Get a new perspective and some great ideas.


Consequences and strategy workshops

Are you faced with a specific challenge and need to act?

Consider multiple perspectives before you move to action.


Foresight based planning

Do your staff groan when you say it is time to do the strategic plan?

We have a robust and engaging alternative to standard strategic planning. Read more...


Foresight training model

Do you want an organisation with better anticipation skills?

Try our SHUE model.


Scenario planning

Confused about all the future possibilities in front of you?

Then scenario planning may be the answer.


Strategic challenge session

Do your meetings focus too much on compliance?

If this applies to you then


Leader Foresight Mentoring

Want to improve your ability to lead your team in thinking about the future?

Try our Mentoring service which has a 100% money back guarantee. Read more...

Consultancy services

Do you need assistance to update your strategic approach?

In the face or relentless change, it is vital for you to re-evaluateon a regular basis. Read more...



Could your not-for-profit organisation use some strategic innovation?

Emergent Futures strongly believes in the principle that we have an obligation to make a contribution to our community beyond our paid work. If you have an organisation that you believe can benefit from our work please contact us at with details of your organisation, where you believe we can assist you, and your contact details.