Strategic Plan Assumption Review

Many strategic plans are put together and then either put on a shelf gathering dust or contain a raft of assumptions that are either not documented or not reviewed until that dreaded time of doing a new strategic plan comes around again.  

We believe that the questioning of the assumptions that are built into your strategic plan should be the basis for your strategic thinking and review processes that should be happening all the time. However it is almost impossible to do this sort of thinking and questioning on an internal basis alone because we all have blind spots and ‘sacred cows’ that we don’t like touched.   Emergent Futures provide an outside perspective that will assist you in thinking about what you have assumed and what might have changed. This service varies depending on the organisation involved but can include:  

  • An external assumptions review of your strategic plan if your assumptions are not explicitly documented

  • An external environmental scan that looks at all of your assumptions and looks for information that has surfaced since you created your plan that support the assumption, indicate change, or provide a twist on your strategy.

  • A regular challenge session for your board or senior executive team where we come in for 2-3 hours in one of your regular meetings and present information from our general environmental scanning that is relevant to your organisation and facilitate a strategic discussion. This includes looking at information that challenges your strategic plan or new strategy ideas for you to think through.

  • A ″Future Backwards″ workshop for a larger slice of your organisation to look at where you have progressed and what might be different about where you might be going.

The approaches for assumption review projects will vary considerably depending on the nature of the project so it is impossible to provide a generic costing for this service.   Please contact us for an obligation free site visit to assess your requirements by emailing us at or call us at +61(0)3 9018 7917 (Melbourne) or +61 (0)2 8207 0157 (Sydney) or +61 (0)7 3114 9478 (Brisbane).