On-line Scanning and Strategy Service

Emergent Futures has developed an innovative approach for organisations or industries to gather and share information for idea and strategy generation. By using this approach you can engage your employees and/or stakeholders in scanning your current and possible future operating environment, looking for possible trends, identifying opportunities and threats, and creating an interactive conversation about what it all means- all without leaving your desk!

The approach is based on the simple to use Tumblr micro-blogging service (www.tumblr.com). As an organisation, we believe we should provide free tools that are available to our clients after the project or our involvement is complete. This means the valuable resources of a branded website we will provide, and the instruction manual are yours to keep and use in the future in whatever way you want. The Tumblr site has almost 4.5 million users who have put up over half a billion posts. This means the system will be up to date, robust and respond quickly to any emerging technical issues so you can be confident it will continue to service your needs.The intent is that people from multiple organisations or multiple people in a single organisation can scan the operating environment for stories that will impact on the future of their organisations or their industries. Participants will be able to post their information, provide commentary on what they think the individual post means, search the site for posts from other people, and look for cross connections.

The system can play a vital part in providing:

•    Up to the minute industry/ product general intelligence.

•    A preliminary exercise for a strategic planning process that all relevant stakeholders can easily access.

•    A specific scanning system where certain indicators that are important to the organisation or industry are tracked.

•    As part of a review of a strategic plan where the assumptions of the external operating environment are looked at by a range of stakeholders with different perspectives. This would confirm the assumptions remain valid or the plan needs to be adjusted.

We have three levels of service available which are described in more detail in the document available for download Here.

Oor contact us to discuss how it might work for you by emailing Paul Higgins at paul@emergentfutures.com or or calling Paul on 0408 557 583.  Prices start from as little as $2,250.