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Speakerbook Events Breakfast August 2015



"Paul is a great speaker, he manages the audience very smoothly and has a fantastic sense of humor. He has and shows a lot of confidence and knows the strength of his theme very well, making of himself a wise and charming storyteller. "5 stars on 28th August 2015 - TEDxMelbourne



NZIMRT-AIR Conference (Australian and New Zealand Radiographers) July 2015 


 Paul Higgins was a keynote speaker for the recent Combined Scientific Meeting of the New Zealand Institute of Medical Radiation Technologists and the Australian Institute of Radiography. Paul presented on the future of healthcare referencing big data, artificial intelligence and robotics with relevance to the medical imaging and therapeutic disciplines of our profession. This is a big departure from the usual industry experts and Paul was extremely well received by our delegates with his entertaining and thought provoking keynote address. Paul was a pleasure to deal with and has continued to engage with our delegates post conference using our conference twitter hashtag, absolutely outstanding!



Darien Montgomerie

Professional Practice Fellow

Radiation Therapy

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

University of Otago, Wellington

PO Box 7343

Wellington South 6242



 Plus audience tweets from the event can be accessed at: 













Life Education Trust National Conference April 2015

… “Paul brought a higher level of thought to participants, lifting thinking from the usual annual cycle to challenge us on how we were  responding to opportunities that already existed. It brought context to what we see as the important things now. You could see people sit up as they thought about what we do and what we can do. He didn’t provide the answers, but empowered people to begin thinking of the questions our organisation needs to be asking ourselves “

John O’Connell

CEO, Life Education Trust New Zealand



Australian Dental Industry Association Conference Nov 2014

"Kryptocurrency, thick value and their relevance in the Dental Industry... This guy is a legend"

- Tweet During Paul’s Keynote Address by @surfdiveash



Two Days of Presentation and Workshops for Port Stephens Council July 2014

"It was a great opportunity to have Paul present to the people in our organisation many new ideas and alternative perspectives about how we view the future.

 Paul left us with much to think about - a great way to challenge our

thinking and refashion paradigms when considering our strategic direction"


– Wayne Wallis, General Manager, Port Stephens Council.


 Future Possibilities for Agriculture – June 2013


Thanks Paul

I have had some interesting feedback that I think is worth passing  on.


The attendees were blown away by the presentation and some perhaps even numbed (as expected).

However after getting back to their farms it has been playing on their minds and are “drones” are now featuring in their conversations. We have stimulated their thinking, which is exactly what we after.


This is excellent feedback as far I am concerned..


So again well done and many thanks Paul, you did a great job!!!


Best regards

Gary Walton  |  Uptake Manager
beef + lamb new zealand
1/585 wairakei rd, harewood, christchurch 8053, new zealand
po box 39085, harewood 8545, christchurch, new zealand
ddi  03 357 0692 | mobile 027 496 4700 | website http://www.beeflambnz.com/



YMCA Victoria Senior Managers Forum June 23rd 2012


Paul presented on the future competitive landscape for social enterprise to this gathering of all the senior managers of YMCA Victoria (180 people)

Responses on Twitter during the presentation, including from the CEO Peter Burns were:


 Peter Burns 1

 YMCA Tweet

 Nada 1

 Di 1

 Peter Burns 2


Servcorp Business Shorts Presentation March 22nd 2012



Thank you very much for presenting at our Servcorp Business Shorts Event

Those I spoke with after the event raved about your presentation and commented that it gave them a lot to think about.

Thanks again! 


 Fiona Hoppe

Marketing Executive



Paul’s keynote address to the 2011 NAB National Small Business Summit on the Future Competitive Landscape for Small Business – July 2011

 “I couldn’t be more impressed at the professionalism and the commitment that Paul Higgins made to a recent Keynote Address that he gave at the National Small Business Summit"

"The presentation was informative, entertaining – he both delighted and frightened delegates. A sign of a good presentation is when speakers across the course of the day keep referring back to it and the key points that he made  – and that certainly occurred with Paul’s keynote: The Double Edge Sword that is the future landscape for small business."

 .  Thanks Paul – I hope that we get to work together in the future” Bambi Gordon, Director, The Growdon Group, on behalf of the Council of Small Business of Australia for the National Small Business Summit 2011 (see our general testimonial page  for a more detailed response from The NAB National Small Business Summit Keynote) 



Paul Higgins - Future Challenges for Tourism in Gippsland July 2011 – Official feedback

Relevance: 4.50 out of 5     Content: 4.45 out of 5


There was an excellent response to Paul’s Key note. Some of the comment highlights are as follows:

· Insightful

· Fantastic presentation that set the scene for the rest of the conference

· Excellent! Very relevant to current market environment

· A very useful and informative presentation

. Great! Useful to have someone say that advertising is not the answer to everything with the illustration of the Melbourne café


"As our keynote speaker Paul Higgins delivered a challenging and entertaining presentation that was tailored to our industry.  Feedback from our conference delegates was very positive and I would recommend him in future"


Terry Robinson CEO Destination Gippsland.


Paul Was rated overall the best speaker by the attendees - see graph for details:


Feed Back from Destination Gippsland Conference




Paul Speaking



Paul Higgins - Future Challenges for Tourism in Gippsland July 2011 – Unofficial feedback

@El_So_  Sheer Terror vs new opportunity ahead?! Great preso @futuristpaul. #gipptourism

- Tweeted following Paul’s keynote to the Destination Gippsland Tourism Conference July 18th 2011 

Wow, great presentation. Thanks, and I only wish your allotted time was longer. 

 - Unsolicited feedback via email from Edward Barraclough ofwww.brigadooncottages.com following Paul’s keynote to the Destination Gippsland Tourism Conference July 18th 2011 (which lasted one hour) 



Design and Technology Teachers Association (Vic) May 2009


"Three people who I regard as among the best presenters in our association came up to me after your keynote presentation and all said that was great, best conference keynote in their time at DATTA Vic."


John Long, Conference Organiser, Design and Technology Teachers Association,


 Feedback on the highlights of the conference from attendees:


Paul Higgins Keynote speaker: very radical.
Paul Higgins: Most worthwhile. Thought provoking
Paul Higgins: Most worthwhile. Excellent to hear and liked his approach to change and his presentation software. Good Stuff
Paul Higgins Keynote: Excellent.
Paul Higgins: Most worthwhile. He was inspiring

Paul Higgins: Most worthwhile. Thought provoking address by someone who had many issues to present


Paul Speaking 2



Risk Management Institution of Australasia November 2008 Conference (a Futurist Perspective on Risk)

• Excellent, challenging concept and perceptions, smooth presentation
• Very confident, clear and informative presentation
• This builds a new perspective on risk for my company
• Congratulations on delivering such an excellent presentation.


Auswind Conference and Exhibition - Future Vision 2020, Melbourne 9 October 2007


"Paul Higgins presented a compelling vision of how to think about the future and what the future of the wind industry might look like in an engaging and entertaining speech that had everyone’s attention. His presentation gave our conference delegates a different perspective that challenged their way of thinking. Paul provided a refreshing new angle for our delegates and his concepts were widely discussed during the rest of the conference.  We would highly recommend him as a conference speaker." 

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