"The Provoker"


"If I have not pushed some people to the point of rejection then I have not sufficiently challenged the full audience" 

Paul Higgins


Paul’s presentations and workshops are deliberately designed to challenge and provoke people and we deliberately aim for feedback that is:

  • 70% positive
  • 10% negative

We are disappointed unless some people in the audience have negative feedback.  That is because our presentations challenge people to examine their fundamental assumptions and beliefs and if we do that well then we expect some people reject that challenge because it is natural to protect our basic belief systems.If you would rather most of your audience is in the middle on feedback then don't hire us!


Examples of Feedback from one session:


Paul Speaking 3

“We should invite him again – a damn good presenter” 


“This was an excellent session. I was pushed

out of my comfort zone and thinking zone” 


"Paul Higgins was fantastic. His discussions

about where the future will take us were fascinating.”


“This was fantastic”


“I enjoyed Paul’s session the most. We were challenged but

the process allowed us to listen and consider other views”


“Excellent presentation. It was an excellent

way of getting the most out of a short period of time”


“Paul was excellent. He is a challenging and creative thinker.

Not everyone liked him, possibly because he is outside the square. Invite him back”


If you want to challenge your audience to think differently and are excited by the sort of responses we get then Contact Us for a discussion on how we can help you or Go Back to the main page on Keynotes and Presentations for more information.