How You Can Be More Interesting

by Edward de Bono


The reason we bought this book was not to make Paul more interesting (apparently a task which is beyond anybody) but because it is about being more interesting by understanding connections between things and getting your mind to look at things differently. In foresight work one of our main tasks is to help people being blinded about the future because of set ways of thinking and seeing the world, especially where ingrained patterns have been set in place.

As well as talking about what it means to make new connections and have new ideas de Bono presents 74 simple exercises for you to help develop these skills. Some of the exercises are simplistic and some are just a rehash from his previous books but there are enough good ones to make the book worthwhile and it is a very easy read. If you are looking for ways to jump your mind, or the mind of your organisation off its standard tracks so you can see more clearly a wider range of future possibilities then the book is worth buying. We will certainly be using some of the exercises in our work.