The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

by Timothy Ferriss


When I first picked up this book to have a quick flick through it while browsing at a Border's book shop I thought that it would be just another American hype book, like an Anthony Robbins marketing tool. To some extent that is true but the book is also crammed with practical tips and tools on how to achieve a whole range of outcomes.

Those of you that know me well will scoff at the thought of me getting to a four hour work week and you would be right. I am interested in the clash of ideas and being involved in that clash and you cannot do that in four hours a week. However, while that is the aim of the author, what gives this book great value is that you can take the tools that are contained within it and apply them to whatever your goal and desires are. Frankly I find some of the goals that the author has to be inane and nonsensical but doubtless he would think the same of some of mine.

The initial part of the book details how the author went from working 80 hours and hardly making any money to working 4 hours a week and making far more money. After that it is about how to achieve these things by using practical tools and he divides the process up into a useful acronym - DEAL (Definition, Elimination, Automation, Liberation). Within this structure the things that I found most useful were:

On page 54 the author describes a process he calls dreamlining where you set some goals for the next 6 months and 12 months in a very defined but ambitious way. There is too much detail to describe here but I found this very useful.

This is all about getting rid of what you don't need to do, or being more efficient at what you do need to get done. The most useful tip I found here was his tips on email management. Email threatens to overwhelm me and I am sure many of you. By taking some of the tools I have managed to get more email done in less time and get less addicted to it.

This section is largely about outsourcing your work and automating income so it is not dependent on your time. There are some great tips on outsourcing some of what you do, even if you are a paid employee. There are also some great tips and tools on how to create products, licensing systems, advertising and marketing systems, etc.

This is about freeing yourself up from being tied to an office or having to go into work. It is also about how to get mini-retirements/sabbaticals and it is amazing what can be done for a low cost.

This book has totally changed how I work and live my life and I would heartily recommend you read it. It may not do the same for you but if there is just one good idea you pick up and use it is well worth the read and the expense. If you want to go and get some initial resources and ideas then you can go to the website first