Consulting Services

Do you need assistance to update your strategic approach?

As the pace of change escalates and greater uncertainties cloud the horizon, it is even more imperative for you to monitor the business environment and re-evaluate strategy on a regular basis. In times of uncertainty a strong vision can also provide much needed direction and inspiration to maintain the focus and effort of employees.

Emergent Futures can assist with:

  • Reviews of organisational direction and strategy
  • Development of organisational vision and strategic plans
  • Research into trends and future threats and opportunities
  • Developing issue–specific strategy
  • Designing environmental scanning approaches
  • Foresight capacity building

Examples of the types of issues we can assist you with include:

  • Better understanding the range of possible futures
  • Developing a vision of where your business will be in the future
  • Developing strategy to position your business in the future
  • Developing solutions to complex, intractable problems
  • Investigating specific issues or critical business uncertainties
  • Detecting signals of change
  • Boosting strategic thinking capability
  • Stimulating alternative thinking and challenging assumptions


The approaches for consultancy projects will vary considerably depending on the nature of the project so it is impossible to provide a generic costing for this service.

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