Consequence and Strategy Workshops

Are you faced with a specific challenge in your industry or government sector and not sure what the implications will be for your organisation?

Forward Scenario Creation

We create a single scenario or a set of scenarios on the future of a particular industry, a particular problem faced by the organisation or industry, or the possible effects of a disruptive technology such as nanotechnology, biotechnology or the internet. Depending on the size of the project these scenarios can be modified from existing scenarios we have created or, in a much larger project, a new set of scenarios can be created with the client. Alternatively we can work with you on scenarios you have prepared for yourself.

Consequence Analysis

The consequence analysis has three steps:

  1. We explore and debate the scenarios to examine them for plausibility of the scenarios and the key drivers and assumptions that underpin them.
  2. We assess the likely responses of all the major stakeholders and players that will affect the industry. Again depending on the size of the project this can be done via role playing in short session or more detailed gaming and strategy approaches between teams. Foresight processes such as Consequence Wheels or Future Backwards can be used in this process.
  3. We detail the consequences for the individual organisation of the plausible futures and any responses that we believe the major players will make.

Strategy Work

Once we have completed the consequence analysis then we carry out a fast strategy creation process which involves breaking the participants up into small teams of 3-4 people. Using a process that maintains high levels of energy and requires the teams to pitch their strategy ideas to the other teams we are able to quickly develop some draft strategic responses. Depending on the issues and the organisation, after three rounds of this process we distil the results down into two separate areas:

  1. What do we know enough about that we can act on now and what will our actions be.
  2. Issues to Monitor: Key signals of change are identified that are then used to design an ongoing environmental scanning process to modify strategy as the future plays out.


The cost of the Strategy and Consequences workshop process depends on whether we need to prepare a detailed set of scenarios (or you have your own), the level of information and sophistication you require on the possible responses from the players and stakeholders in your industry, and the number of people involved (the strategy sessions are facilitator intensive for them to work properly).

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