Foresight based planning

Do your staff roll their eyes when you say it is time to re-do the strategic plan?

We talk to people all the time who are sick and tired of strategic planning in their organisation. We take a fresh approach based on really thinking through what the future might hold and allowing people plenty of time for strategic thinking before the planning part commences.

Our foresight based planning is based on an adaption of The Business Idea (Kees van der Heijden) and operates using four basic principles:

  1. That strategic thinking is the key ingredient to strategic planning that is most often carried out badly.
  2. That you cannot get great strategic thinking without fully exploring what the future might bring.
  3. That to fully explore what the future might bring you need to have a mind and an organisation that is truly open to what is really happening as opposed to just surface information as commonly exposed by using standard approaches such as SWOT analysis.
  4. That to get great strategic thinking you need to have both the time to think and the inclusion of alternate perspectives other than your own.

Therefore we work with you to look at what is happening (William Gibson once said “the future is already here it is just unevenly distributed”), what might happen, and what all of that might mean for your value proposition to your customers, clients or stakeholders.

We also work with you to identify the assumptions and blind spots that are present in every organisation and which you can never hope to get around without outside perspectives.

We then work with you to get great strategic thinking happening.

Only then do we move to the issue of strategy – what are you going to do to achieve your goals in a way that gives you competitive advantage?


The approaches for this strategic planning approach will vary considerably between organisations depending on type of organisation, current level of foresight capacity, size, etc so it is impossible to provide a generic costing for this service.

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