About Emergent Futures

Emergent Futures is a consulting company that adds value to the strategy creation process by the use of foresight tools and processes in the strategic thinking component of strategic planning1.

We help you think better about the future.

We work with small and large organisations, whole industries and communities. Some of our recent clients include public companies, councils, research organisations, agricultural industry sectors, community development organisations and training and not for profit organisations.

Examples of the types of issues we can assist you with include:

  • Better understanding the range of possible futures
  • Developing a vision of where your business will be in the future
  • Developing strategy to position your business in the future
  • Developing solutions to complex, intractable problems
  • Investigating specific issues or critical business uncertainties
  • Detecting weak signals of change
  • Boosting strategic thinking capability
  • Stimulating alternative thinking and challenging assumptions

We operate on the following principles:

  • No two clients are the same - we recognise your situation is unique and tailor our services to your needs
  • Not all situations call for a complex approach – we only apply the tools that are relevant to your situation: simple tools for simple problems, more advanced approaches for complex problems
  • First things first - we help you determine the nature of the issue: then we design an approach that meets your specific needs

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