Keynotes and Presentations

Do you need a speaker to give a different perspective?

Futurist Speaker Paul Higgins will challenge the audience to think differently about what the future holds.

The biggest blockage to seeing future possibilities and risks is the limitation of our own perspectives and assumptions. Paul Higgins and the team provide tailored presentations for conferences, workshops, staff retreats and other events that are deliberately designed to provoke and challenge thinking.

But be warned – these presentations will upset some people who want things to stay the same because the presentation will challenge their  basic assumptions and core beliefs. Don’t engage us unless that is what you really want. Read Here for an example of how audiences typically react.

Paul Higgins


We have a number of presentation themes we can tailor to your needs.


we can design your presentation from the ground up in consultation with you.

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To see a sample video of Paul’ presentations :


Paul Higgins: Future of Health Presentation for the ANZ Radiologists (NZMIRT) Cloud Conference July 2015 - Opening Excerpt from Paul Higgins on Vimeo.

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Presentation Style and Principles

We believe that the people who take the time and/or spend the money to come to a conference, presentation or workshop deserve to have an experience that is both informative and entertaining. Click Here for more details.


Costs for our keynote and presentation services will vary depending on client requirements and nature and location of the event. We believe in the co-creation of value so if you can create value for us around your event we may agree to waive part of the fee.

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