Testimonials from Clients


“Paul Higgins recent presentation at Mindshop’s annual Australasian / New Zealand advisor conference entitled: ‘Bringing the future into your advisory practice’ was excellent on many fronts. Paul’s ability to simplify the complexity out of the topics he covered and his practical insights on future trends resonated very well with our attendees. Paul also managed to tailor the messages he delivered to our target audience and to the overall conference theme which ensured a strong start to our conference. Thank you again for a great presentation.”

James Mason: Managing Director Mindshop


“Paul brought a higher level of thought to participants, lifting thinking from the usual annual cycle to challenge us on how we were responding to opportunities that already existed. It brought context to what we see as the important things now. You could see people sit up as they thought about what we do and what we can do. He didn’t provide the answers, but empowered people to begin thinking of the questions our organisation needs to be asking ourselves “

John O’Connell

CEO : Life Education Trust New Zealand


It was a genuine pleasure working with Paul Higgins (of Emergent Futures) on the energy security workshop for the Australian Sugar Milling Council recently.  Paul brought incredible professionalism to the role - a great balance of foresight, planning, engagement and rigour, resulting in a well executed workshop.  However the real value of Paul’s involvement was based on his willingness to dig deeper into the issue, challenge industry and individual thinking - right down to post workshop follow up, and providing further strategy clarification.  I’d welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again.

Sharon Denny

Senior Executive Officer, Government & Business Development

Australian Sugar Milling Council


"Paul facilitated a meeting for Australian Dairy Farmers on a quite sensitive industry topic with a range of views from dairy farmers across the country.  He helped set up this important half-day meeting so it flowed well, conducted pre-meeting discussions to get people’s views and managed a very large meeting with a very large number of stakeholders with diverse and passionate views very well. We found his forthright yet diplomatic approach and background knowledge extremely helpful and would not hesitate to use Paul’s services again."

David Losberg 

Senior Policy Manager:
Australian Dairy Farmers

“When we engaged Emergent Futures to work with us on our strategic planning processes we were a little uncertain about how the process would go. It turned out that while we did not get what we originally thought we wanted, we got exactly what we needed. Because they shaped their approach to fit the organisation’s needs and were  willing to stand up and challenge the way we did things we now have a flexible plan that fits the reality of our organisation and the environment we work in. We also have a strategic thinking framework that allows us to make responsive strategic decisions while still providing a strong governance structure for the board.”

Stella Avramopolous

 CEO : Kildonan Uniting Care  

 “I couldn’t be more impressed at the professionalism and the commitment that Paul Higgins made to a recent Keynote Address that he gave at the National Small Business Summit. The presentation was informative, entertaining – he both delighted and frightened delegates. A sign of a good presentation is when speakers across the course of the day keep referring back to it and the key points that he made  – and that certainly occurred with Paul’s keynote: The Double Edge Sword that is the future landscape for small business. What particularly impressed me was the effort that Paul put into preparing the presentation and ensuring that it would be well received – No pulling a set script off the shelf for this presentation.  Paul initiated lots of communication before the event, ensured that his examples and case studies would be relevant to our guests and was an absolute professional throughout.  Thanks Paul – I hope that we get to work together in the future”

 Bambi Gordon

 Director, The Growdon Group, on behalf of the Council of Small Business of Australia for the National Small Business Summit


“Engaging Emergent Futures was one of the best things we did in our whole planning process. Their alternative perspectives and insights on how to think about the future were exactly what we needed to challenge our thinking and stimulate new ideas. Their approach also helped us frame challenging issues in a way that effectively communicated those ideas to others, which is something we couldn’t have achieved by ourselves.”

Bruce Finney

CEO: Cotton Research & Development Corporation


“Every organisation like ours needs someone like Paul Higgins to come in every couple of years and shake up established thinking, present new ideas and really challenge the organisation about its future business model and strategies. We are a different and much better organisation because of his involvement. “

 Stella Avramopolous,

 CEO: Kildonan Uniting Care 

"Thank you for your input and helping us see the value in recognizing different patterns of thinking. We all came away with deeper insights and ideas and more importantly a commitment to test these ideas."

 Bernard Desmidt

Global Talent Manager: Terrapinn



"As a result of holding this session we will be doing some new and different things in our organisation, there were immediate, tangible outcomes and benefits for us."

Sarah Davies: Chair of Kids Under Cover and CEO of the Melbourne Community Foundation.


"Emergent Futures and Paul Higgins stimulated us to challenge our assumptions about how our organisation may develop in the future. They helped us clarify the path ahead and taught us how to factor in the inevitable disruptive forces and unexpected changes that are outside of our control”

Chris Evason: CEO

International Education Services Limited




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