NAB National Small Business Sumit Keynote by Paul Higgins July 27th 2011

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Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 13-Apr-12

A presentation on the future competitive landscape for small business driven by changes in technology, trust, and transparency
The video from the presentation is now available.
If you go to the Conference Webcast Page

and click on the " Enter Webcast Lobby " link on the top left hand side of the web page then you will be able to navigate to Paul's Presentation which is third from the top. The video is 40 minutes long. We will have some edited sections available soon.


Early Unsolicited Feedback:


@GayeCrispin:Hearing some fabulous info and wake-up calls from #PaulHIggins @futuristpaul Here's the link to his site & newsletter


@affinityMarket:  @futuristpaul great talk on the future competitive landscape, love the social trust examples #nsbs


@execva@futuristpaul We lost it for about 5 mins I think - but still got the gist! Can't wait for the recording. Thx for the link to Prezi   -

 (conference was streamed live and recorded but link went down part way through Paul’s talk) 
 Official Feedback:

“I couldn’t be more impressed at the professionalism and the commitment that Paul Higgins made to a recent Keynote Address that he gave at the National Small Business Summit. The presentation was informative, entertaining – he both delighted and frightened delegates. A sign of a good presentation is when speakers across the course of the day keep referring back to it and the key points that he made  – and that certainly occurred with Paul’s keynote: The Double Edge Sword that is the future landscape for small business. What particularly impressed me was the effort that Paul put into preparing the presentation and ensuring that it would be well received – No pulling a set script off the shelf for this presentation.  Paul initiated lots of communication before the event, ensured that his examples and case studies would be relevant to our guests and was an absolute professional throughout.  

Thanks Paul – I hope that we get to work together in the future” Bambi Gordon, Director, The Growdon Group, on behalf of the Council of Small Business of Australia for the National Small Business Summit 2011

 As usual our presentations are designed to be an experience for those that attend and do not contain lots of detail (we hate bullet points on PowerPoint with a passion). If you are interested in more detail we will be posting an insight article in our environmental scanning database by the 8th August 2011 that looks at the issues in the presentation and responds to some of the questions and interactions that occurred at the conference as well as some extra examples and links. You can access a free one month  trial of the scanning database by signing up at  . If you then search for the tag "insight article" or key words like transparency or trust you will be able to see the article that relates to this presentation.


 If you hover your mouse above the bottom section of the presentation on the Right Hand Side after you have clicked on the play arrow it will give you the option for change to a full screen where you can clearly see all the detail.