Future Challenges for Tourism July 2011

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Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 15-Sep-11

A presentation to the Destination Gippsland conference in Traralgon on the future challenges that tourism faces because of changes to technology, trust on social networks and the transparency of the modern world



Early Unsolicited Feedback:



Wow, great presentation. Thanks, and I only wish your allotted time was longer. 


- Unsolicited feedback via email from Edward Barraclough of www.brigadooncottages.com following Paul’s keynote to the Destination Gippsland Tourism Conference July 18th 2011 (which lasted one hour)


@El_So_  Sheer Terror vs new opportunity ahead?! Great preso @futuristpaul. #gipptourism

- Tweeted following Paul’s keynote to the Destination Gippsland Tourism Conference July 18th 2011 


Official Feedback:


Paul Was rated overall the best speaker by the attendees - see our Speaker Testimonial Page for the survey results.


Relevance: 4.50 out of 5     Content: 4.45 out of 5


There was an excellent response to Paul’s Key note. Some of the comment highlights are as follows:

· Insightful

· Fantastic presentation that set the scene for the rest of the conference

· Excellent! Very relevant to current market environment

· A very useful and informative presentation

. Great! Useful to have someone say that advertising is not the answer to everything with the illustration of the Melbourne café


"As our keynote speaker Paul Higgins delivered a challenging and entertaining presentation that was tailored to our industry.  Feedback from our conference delegates was very positive and I would recommend him in future"


Terry Robinson CEO Destination Gippsland.





As usual our presentations are designed to be an experience for those that attend and do not contain lots of detail (we hate bullet points on PowerPoint with a passion). If you are interested in more detail we will be posting an insight article in our environmental scanning database by the 21st July that looks at the issues in the presentation and responds to some of the questions and interactions that occurred at the conference. You can access a free one month  trial of the scanning database by signing up at http://www.emergentfutures.com/page.php?pid=10800  . If you then search for the tag "insight article" or key words like tourism you will be able to see the article that relates to this presentation.


 If you hover your mouse above the bottom section of the presentation on the Right Hand Side after you have clicked on the play arrow it will give you the option for change to a full screen where you can clearly see all the detail.