The Future for Aquatics and Leisure Industry August 2010 - A Presentation to the ARV Conference

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins, Sandy Teagle
Date Uploaded: 27-Aug-10

This is a presentation given to the Aquatics and Recreation Victoria conference on August 26th 2010. The presentation looked at the opportunities and challenges for the sector with changes in demographics, opportunities and threats in social networking, and possible healthy life extension technologies.

 We also published an article in The Age in April on healthy life extension technologies and their possible impacts. You can read that article by going to:

You can see the presentation by clicking on the play icon. If you have trouble reading the speaker notes you can enlarge your browser screen (hold down the Ctrl key and scroll your mouse wheel in a PC) or click on the link at the bottom of the page which will take you to the Prezi site where the presentation is stored and hosted.