The Future for Life Education Trust New Zealand April 2015

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 02-Dec-15
Paul presented to the annual conference of the Life Education Trust New Zealand, an organisation that engages with over 250,000 school children on important life issues such as nutrition and exercise and social interaction.
The presentation focused on the challenges facing educators in interacting and informing children on their challenges in a world that is rapidly changing. The key points were:
1/ That strategy must be led by a deep understanding of education principles and how children learn rather than technology based solutions.
2/ That technology based solutions can and should be used when they enhance the learning and interaction processes.
3/ That augmented and virtual reality technologies provide ways to create interactive environments that can be highly useful in education settings.
4/ That we must move to a system of interacting with children when they are making important life decisions rather than just in the class room.
5/ That new approaches must match the way that children are living their lives, not be based on a historical picture of the education experience of the adults in the organisation.
6/ That modern networks allow us to include the children in the creation of material and experiences for their peers.
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