Mayoral Leadership in Uncertainty Conference Workshop Jan 2015

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 15-May-15
A workshop for the Annual Mayoral Leadership Conference Organised by VLGA and Leadership Victoria.
As well as practical personal and organisational tools for Mayors to take back to their councils the presentation focused on:
1/ Understanding that uncertainty cannot be eliminated and needs to be embraced.
2/ The value of involving multiple diverse perspectives in thinking about what the future might hold.
3/ That context is vital. Just copying approaches or thinking from other sectors or cultures will mostly end in disaster 
4/ Taking the results if your future thinking and scanning and dividing the actions into three areas:

·        (a) What can you turn in to concrete strategy right now?


·        (b) What looks interesting enough that you can create a set of low risk experiments to see what might happen in your context?


·        (c) What looks like it might impact on you but the speed and type of impact is not clear yet so you need to keep it on your scanning horizon to look for signs of change? 



You You can access the presentation by going to:


 As usual our presentations are designed to be an experience for those that attend and do not contain lots of detail (we hate bullet points on PowerPoint with a passion). If you are interested in an online meeting presentation with an overview to see if the presentation might work for your organisation then contact us and we will contact you to arrange a short version via Go To Meeting

 If you hover your mouse above the bottom section of the presentation on the Right Hand Side after you have clicked on the play arrow it will give you the option for change to a full screen where you can clearly see all the detail.     


In addition to the workshop Paul has written two long form blogs on Councils and Foresight which can be accessed by going to: Councils and Foresight and Councils and Foresight  Critical Differences.