Future Thinking for Practical Strategy November 2014

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 23-Nov-14

A presentation to the CEO Institute October 20th 2014 and Updated November 2014 for the CEO Institute Future CEO Group


Paul presented on how to think about the future in a way that contributes to practical strategy.


Key Points were:


Why do we need foresight?

How your thinking about the future needs to be broken down into STRATEGY (what you can practically do now in a concrete plan), EXPERIMENTATION (what is interesting or threatening to warrant playing with) and EXPLORATION (what is not obviously impactful right now but could be and how do you keep it on your scanning horizon

Exploration of the future work around developments in robotics and artificial intelligence

Exploration of how we are creating a world of customers and employees who expect no "friction" between them wanting to do something and their capacity to act.

Exploring the future of programmable money (e.g. Bitcoin)

That the level of resources needed to be allocated to thinking and acting on information about what the future might look like needs to be decided on a case by case company basis. 



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A number of scanning links from our scanning database were distributed to participants two weeks after the event:


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