Future Possibilities for the Beef and Lamb Industries June 2013

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Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 03-Jul-13

A presentation to the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Industries for their Innovation and Science Roadshow June 2013


Feedback from the Organisers was:


 Thanks Paul

I have had some interesting feedback that I think is worth passing  on.


The attendees were blown away by the presentation and some perhaps even numbed (as expected).

However after getting back to their farms it has been playing on their minds and are “drones” are now featuring in their conversations. We have stimulated their thinking, which is exactly what we after.


This is excellent feedback as far I am concerned..


So again well done and many thanks Paul, you did a great job!!!


Best regards

Gary Walton  |  Uptake Manager
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To see the presentation  go to:


Future Challenges & Opportunities for Agriculture



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