The Future Competitive Landscape for Social Enterprise June 23 2012

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 10-Jul-12

A presentation to 180 senior managers from YMCA Victoria on the competitive challenges they face  for their various social enterprises in the future.

The key messages were:

  • That a social enterprise has to be as good as any other business in order to make a profit and fulfil its mission.
  • That transparency in the modern world (mediated by technology and social media) means that good is now longer good enough - you need to be great.
  • That innovation and competition levels are growing as more ideas are tried all over the world.
  • That cost cutting cannot allow you to become great but cost transformation can.
  • That you need to relentlessly innovate because that is what happening in the ecosystem all around you


Some of the Twitter responses as Paul was presenting (Including from YMCA CEO Peter Burns) were:

 YMCA CEO Peter Burns Tweeting about Paul's presentation

 Nada Delich tweeting on Paul's presentation

Di Mcdonald Tweet on Paul's Presentation

Peter Burns second tweet on Paul's presentation

YMCA Tseet on Paul's Presentation


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