Campfire Film Festival Keynote Presentation May 12th 2012

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 14-May-12



Paul provided the opening keynote for the film festival. Campfire is a a not for profit organisation dedicated to bringing film makers, teachers, and students together to think about the big issues using film as the medium.

The key points in the presentation were:

 Picture 1 - Paul was there because of the opportunities education has provided for hi family. The picture is of Paul in 1970 with his parents and his grandmother. Paul's dad had just received a PhD at the age of 31 after having left school at the age of 16 because the family could not afford further education. Opportunities in education for Paul and his family have shaped their world, transported them across the globe and given them great lives. That was why Paul was happy to make a contribution to Campfire.

Pictures 2 - 7. But the world now is far different than the world in 197. We live in a world of wonder and technological improvements. You can follow the link to see the stories.

Pictures 8-11 - But we also live in a world of social upheaval, intolerance and oppression.

 We need the thinking and the skills to bring those two worlds together so we can all live better lives in stronger communities. To do that we need ICE - Imagination, Collaboration, and Empathy. using the Campfire system helps students think through the big issues and gain skills in these three areas.

But Campfire is just one entity in an education system that is trying to change. The spreadsheet in picture 12 is just part of a Google spreadsheet that shows a collection of education startups that has been compiled by launch Education - follow the link to see more.

For Campfire to have a chance of succeeding in this changing and highly competitive ecosystem we need everyone who is interested to make contribution - make a film, try the system in the classroom, spread the word to your mates and other schools. If we do that then we give our kids a chance at a better future than they have today and a better future than a 9yr old Paul had in 1970.



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