Future of Parliament. A Presentation to The ANZACATT Conference January 23 2012

Category: Presentations
Author: Paul Higgins
Date Uploaded: 13-Apr-12


Paul presented one of the opening keynotes to the Australia and New Zealand Clerks At The Table Conference in January with the brief to challenge their thinking. The Clerks at The Table is the professional association of the parliamentary staff of the Australia and New Zealand Parliaments. Participants also came from the UK and USA as well as several other countries.


Feedback on the presentation included:

"High quality presentation and a great idea by the organisers to invite this speaker"

"Excellent presentation and though provoking"

"Paul was great. Presentation was out of the square but was able top provide you with things to think about"

"Not Relevant" *

"Absolutely fascinating, and so interesting to see the views of someone outside the Parliament, a very unique perspective"


*  we are always please to see a small number of negative comments (and this was the only one) with such positive comments as we believe our role is to push and challenge people's thinking. If we do not upset some people then we are not pushing the majority enough.



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