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Published Articles

A Multi-Pronged Approach to a Career in Regional Australia July 2016

Plenty to Think About in Biofuel Production - Newcastle Herald, Oct 2006

Key Trends for 2013 - Dec 2012

What is that Future Stuff all About? June 2011

How To Enable a Community of Passion Nov 2011 - How do we Reinvent Management

NAB Business View interview with Paul Higgins on Innovation Nov 2011

Which gadget? Apple opens a new front in iWar 2010 - Paul quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald May 16th 2010

Social Media Commentary for the Australia Pacific Extension Network March 2011

Article by Paul on SmartPhones Dec 14th 2009 in The Age

Paul quoted in the Sunday Age Dec 20th 2009 on Smartphones as

Paul Higgins in The Zone - MultiMedia Project by Fairfax Media May 25th 2010

Why Smartphones will replace Laptops Nov 11 2009

Small is Beautiful in the Internet Future - The Age Melbourne 16th June 2009

Emergent Futures in the News in the USA - Paul Interviewed for the WorkWise Column on Trends

Food Shortage Catastrophe Creeping up on the World, The Age, 26 Sept 08

The Oil Price- Where Now (The Age Dec 9 2008)

Sustainable Emissions Reduction Within Reach, The Age, 4 July 08

Future in the Palm of the Consumer, The Age, 14 Dec 07

Future of Shopping, Melbourne Age 22 March 2007

Hidden Biofuels Menace, Melbourne Age, 19 July 07

The Biofuels Promise: Updated Thinking - CSIRO ECOS magazine, Nov 2006

Extracting Grain of Truth on Ethanol - Melbourne Age, Sep 2006

Oil Price Spike to End - Melbourne Age, Aug 2006

Oil Prices May Alter Trade Terms - Australian Farm Journal, June 2006

Bad News Travels Fast. That's the Reality for TV - Melbourne Age, Nov 2006

How Wrong Have Forecasts Been, The Age, 30 April 09

Yolla Cooperative Interview May 2017

Sky News Interview on Future Competitive Landscape for Small Business

Age of Possibilities - The Age Apr 5 2010 - How changes in how long we live healthy lives will affect us all