A Selection of Our Recent Client Projects

Leadership Strategy Session on how to Think About Implementing Emerging technologies in Agriculture (2018)

Client Keynote on The Future of Digital Property Transactions (2018)

Internal Staff Strategy Session on The Future of Digital Property Transactions (2018) 

An All Hands Session on Innovation and Change Using the History and Future of Driverless Vehicles as a Case Study (2018)

Opening Keynote for Sugarcane Industry Futures Forum on the Future Customer, the Future of Food, the Future of Liquid Transport Fuels and the Future for Value-Added Chemicals and Plastics (2018)

McPherson Media Group – Executive Team Session on Future Media Opportunities (2017)

Mindshop Australia (2017) – Bringing the Future into the Professional Advisors Practice

Foresight Based Strategy Mapping and CRM implementation (2017)

Yolla Cooperative – The Future for Technology in Agricultural Cooperatives (2017)

Australian Veterinary Board Council (2016/17) –  Scenario Planning for The Future of Veterinary Education

Dairy Australia – Strategic Plan Review (2017)

Australian Tax Office (2016) – Strategic Foresight Workshops on the Future of the Tax System

Foresight Based Planning for the Institute for Sport, Exercise, and Active Living (2016)

Red Cross Blood Service – Working with the HR Executive Team on Future Thinking and Workforce Planning (2016)

Moreland City Council – Staff Workshops on the Future of the Region (2016/17)

Hobsons Bay City Council – Foresight Input into the Community Vision (2016)

Epworth Hospital – Strategy for the Epworth Radiation Oncology Research Centre (2016)

The Institute – Multiple  Syndicate Presentations on Foresight and Strategy (2014-2017)

Simplot Australia – Presentations/Workshops on Digital Transformation (2015 – 2016)

Australian Sugar Milling Council – Scenarios for the Future of Energy in Queensland (2015)

Royal Flying Doctors (VIC) – Board  Challenge Session on Future Strategy (2015)

Destination Gippsland Conference Keynote on the Future of Tourism (2015)

Bendigo Bank – Future Vision and Foresight for the Community Banking Business Model (Jan 2014- 2015)

Australian Rural Leadership Program – Facilitated Workshop on Future Thinking (2015)

Life Education Trust New Zealand – Consulting and Presenting on the Future of The Trust (2015)