The Future of Technology and Data in Agriculture May 2016

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Trend Conversations and Uncertainty Mapping for LGPro Feb 2016

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CEO Institute Feb 2016 - Future Thinking for Practical Strategy

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The Future of Tourism - Leading in Uncertainty October 2015

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Leading in a Complex Future - Whittlesea Council September 2015

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The Future of Dairy in a Global Context September 2015

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The Future of technology in Agriculture August 2015

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What can we do for you?

In a fast moving modern world there is real value in being able to think better about the future and be more open to the possibilities before you.

Our key services are keynote presentations for conferences and workshops, specific workshops on future thinking and complexity, and tailored consultancy on strategic thinking and planning using a futures perspective.

We apply the processes and techniques of foresight and how to deal with complexity to facilitate your strategic thinking and capacity for decision making in complex and uncertain circumstances so you can:

  • Think and plan better than your competitors
  • Seize opportunities before anyone else
  • Better manage your strategic risks
  • Develop a capacity for strategic flexibility
  • Create sustainable futures

Click HERE for descriptions of specific solutions we offer.

If you are interested in a Keynote Presentation from Futurist Paul Higgins Click Here to see a sample video


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New Service- Free Trial of our Premium Scanning Service

In a world full of change and disruption are you worried that you will miss a threat or an opportunity that will have a major impact on your organisation?
Well look no further!

Our premium environmental scanning service will give you access to our fully searchable database of all the future focused articles, blogs, and reports that we analyse and collect every week. These include trends, forecasts, scenarios, and changes that might disrupt your organisation's future. It's like having a futurist in your pocket.

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